Tradition. Family. Trust. Aroma. Flavour.


Those are just some of the words that come to mind when you mention Café Santo Domingo to a native Dominican. Since 1945, the highly revered Perello family has been cultivating the beloved coffee, and have built it into the most iconic brand in the Dominican Republic. “Everybody grew up with Café Santo Domingo.” says Abdallah Castillo, director of the Dominican Republic Tourism Board in Canada. “In the Dominican, we start drinking coffee around 8 years old. It’s a part of us.”

Coffee production and export in the Dominican Republic runs deep, dating all the way back to the eighteenth century. By the early nineteenth century coffee accounted for more than 30% of the island nation’s economy and today, alongside tourism it remains a leading industry. In fact, coffee is the official non-alcoholic drink of the Dominican Republic, with Café Santo Domingo leading the way thanks to an eye-popping 95% of the market share.

So where does this symbiotic relationship stem from?

Well, you can’t have great coffee without great coffee beans, and Café Santo Domingo uses only the finest quality beans around. Grown exclusively in the fertile mountain soils and tropical climate conditions unique to the Dominican Republic, our rich, robust, and aromatic beans and the know-how of over 1500 well-trained Cafe Santo Domingo employees, combine to produce some of the finest coffee blends in the world.

“Everybody grew up with Café Santo Domingo”

– Abdallah Castillo, director of the Dominican Republic Tourism Board in Canada

Coffee can be seen growing all over the Dominican Republic, specifically in and around the small towns of Bani, Ocoa, Ciabo, and Barahona, which are most often associated with high quality coffee bean production. The very best beans though, are grown in areas which do not receive a lot of direct sunlight; the miles of lush green mountain slopes that characterize the Dominican landscape, or beneath a semi tropical canopy.

These provide the ideal conditions required to develop our coffee’s distinctly rich and smooth character.

Today, Café Santo Domingo has managed to maintain the quality and integrity that began with the Perello family 70 years ago. “I remember when I was a child, I used to make Café Santo Domingo ice cream.” says Castillo. “So you can just imagine what this coffee means to us. It’s part of us, of every Dominican.

And with a line of trendy cafes that are opened across the Dominican Republic and soon in Canada, and a Coffee University that will train Dominicans in the art of coffee not far behind, Café Santo Domingo, though deeply rooted in the past, has its sights set firmly on the future.