Why our Coffee is the Perfect Fundraising Product
for YOUR Group, Team or Organization…

There’s a coffee lover in every home!

A team of 15 hockey players sold hundreds of bags in 2 weeks, earning them $ 3,108.00

A team of 19 soccer players sold hundreds of 1lb bags in 2 weeks, earning them $ 4,152.00

A school of 250 students sold thousands of 1lb bags in 3 weeks, earning them $ 33,000.00

How is it possible to raise so much money?

We are committed to supporting our society by helping organizations raise funds and offering them the best discounts possible.

We work with you to help you succeed in reaching your fundraising goals efficiently and quickly!

Why it is easier with us?

1. Coffee is the second most popular drink on earth after water!

Café Santo Domingo is produced using Arabica beans grown exclusively in the fertile mountain soil and tropical climate conditions unique to the Dominican Republic.

Café Santo Domingo is a premium quality coffee with an amazingly smooth taste. The bold flavour and complex taste is popular among coffee drinkers.

2. It’s easy to sell at the door!

Yes, there’s a coffee lover in every home! And let’s face it, when people come to your door with chocolate bars or popcorn, you give them money to support their cause, not because you really want what they are selling.

But if someone brings some great coffee to your door, it’s something you really DO want!

3. It doesn’t actually cost anything for your buyers!

Unlike those chocolate bars or bags of popcorn, most families are going to buy a bag or two of coffee every week anyway.

So when you sell them Café Santo Domingo at the door, you are reducing the cost of their next grocery bill by the same amount!

That’s why it’s so easy to make so much money selling Café Santo Domingo!

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